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When-Where-How did you start Sahaja Yoga?

My parents practise this meditation for 10 years but I didn’t treat it as something interesting or important for me. But when I was something about sixteen I faced many problems caused by my ego, ilusions, dirty or empty desires and imbalance. I respected Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga even though I wasn’t very keen on it, so, as my dad suggested, I started meditating every day.

What benefits did you get from Sahaja Yoga meditation?

Meditating and cleasing myself from day to day I realised that the life of modern youth and our society brings not so much for our inner being. I was also amazed how I changed from week to week, from month to month. I became more balanced and peacefull, I found out how to love other people and respect myself, my studies also were getting better and better. The hardest thing in my opinion is to reach thoughtless awareness – but it’s not impossible! Even now, after practicing for two years, I have to put up with some serious problems like thinking and planning too much, facing some stupid ideas and fears of my ego, but I believe that Sahaj-meditation will help me to reach the state of thoughtless awareness and I’ll get through with all this! The most intersting thing is that I started writing poetry – but before Sahaja Yoga I even didn’t think about such things. Now, with help of Ukrainian yogis I’m publishing my first poetry book to share my joy with other people! I also enjoy spending time with yogis of any age and nationality because we feel great love meeting together – sometimes we even don’t speak a lot, but we are just meditating and enjoing the company of each other! And of course giving Self-realization to other people is very joyfull – when somebody says you: ”Wow! Why didn’t I feel anything like that before?” – it’s really something very special! I thank to my parents for their support and help when I only started (but they still help me, of course), and I thank to Shri Mataji for her message of love and for bringing me to reality! And the main thing that I realised is that each person itself is very nice, peacefull and loving, and that we all can get connection with Mother-nature through our Kundalini and feel her energy, care and love. But formerly I couldn’t believe or think seriously about spirituality or divinity or something like that.

Additional Comments

I recommend everybody to try this meditation – it is real chance to open a new world which lies within you. But be careful with your mind – it can be very sly! You can face difficult situations in our world and sometimes even in Sahaja Yoga, but just remember that, as Shri Mataji says, you are only a pure spirit, whatever your mind or anyone else would say! Spirit is a source of peace, love and all knowledge! So open your heart to reality and love!

Finally, let me share with you my poem in english about the beauty and importance of inner silence:

Silence is what we are looking for,
It is the seventh note…
I can’t hear my mind any more
Because I’m sitting now in a boat
Sailing across the river
With water full of calm.
Silence is golden silver,
Peace makes your heart so warm.
Listening to inner silence
We realize our being,
So we don’t need any science –
We have this beautiful feeling
Of our inner wisdom
And that is the greatest blessing!

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