Get Rid of the Mind Chatter with Meditation Mantras

One of the most common challenges that I hear people verbalize about meditation is that they have trouble maintaining their focus. They say it is difficult for them to abate what is referred to as “mind chatter,” or the distracting thoughts that continue to manifest in their minds. Mind chatter is something that even meditation gurus have to deal with every now and again. One thing that might help, however, is the use of meditation mantras.

If you’ve never heard of meditation mantras before, they are simply words, syllables, or sounds that are repeated over and over.

They can be used to attract positive energy and help maintain focus so that your thoughts can be directed towards a singular purpose.

As a practice that was first brought into play in Tibet and India, meditation mantras have been used for thousands of years. There are two basic components of mantra meditation: the mantra and the meditation itself. And as with most forms of meditation, your goal is to induce total relaxation of both the body and mind. Moreover, you want to aim yourself in the direction of the source of all of your energy, thoughts, ideas, and words.

Using a Meditation Mantras

While you are free to use whatever word, phrase, syllable, or sound you want, the most commonly used sound in mantra meditation is “Ohm,” which symbolizes immortality. If you’d rather use a mantra of your choosing, however, please feel free to do so. Creating your own personal mantra can make your meditation more personal and as a result resonate more strongly with you.

To start, I’d recommend using a simple word, such as “love,” “peace,” or “joy.” If you are suffering from anxiety or stress, then repeating these types of words can help draw more positive feelings into your life. Your mantra doesn’t have to be limited to just one word, however. If you feel comfortable, you can use a whole phrase, like “I am healthy” or “I am joyful.” Just, if you use a whole sentence as your mantra, try to keep it in the present tense.

Also, with mantra meditation, you don’t have to necessarily be sitting down to meditate in order to practice it. You can repeat your mantra to yourself whenever you want – when you’re washing dishes, watching TV, lying in bed – your personal mantra always bears repeating! And as the situations in your life change and adjust, allow your mantra to change right along with them. Nothing is set in stone with mantra meditation. As your present reality changes, so should your mantra.

The use of meditation mantras can be very beneficial to people who have trouble with too much “mind chatter.” The reason being that mantra meditation is a slightly more active form of meditation in that it provides your brain with a repetitive task, which in turn can help it to slip into a state of trance-like focus.

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