Never Underestimate the Power of Meditation and Mindset

Today, my awesome subscriber, Randy, shared with me a wonderful pearl of wisdom about meditation and mindset, which I would now like to pass on to you, because I think what he has to say is very important and useful.

Below, you will find Randy’s message about meditation and mindset:

Hello everyone.  I hope that your meditation is meeting your expectations.  That, of course, depends on your mindset, however.  Your mindset completely controls your life. Say, for instance, that you are in the mindset of not being able to succeed at whatever challenge is currently placed before you, because it just seems insurmountable.

Can I tell you something? Nothing is insurmountable, as long as you re-develop your mindset.  Let me give you an example.   Say, two people are asked to lift a thousand pounds. One person might scoff and jump to think something along the lines of, “Oh, so you think I’m Superman?  Well, sorry, I’m not. It’s not going to happen.”

The person, however, might instead say something like, “OK, let me go rent a crane and I’ll lift it, no problem.”  You see, your mindset is what will determine your course of action.  Your mindset is also something that you have a choice about creating and shifting.

This tip will seem really simple, but why would anything positive be hard? Just look objectively at your mindset and be honest about what you want to shift.  This is meant to give you the will power to shift whatever mindset it is that you would like to change.  Remember, every problem has a base point, and that is what you want to alter. Peace my friends!

…Getting to the root of what’s going on in your life is so important. You need to be honest with yourself and figure out what’s going on beneath the surface. You also need to have a goal in mind of how you would like to feel and how you would like to think, so that once you get the root of your issues, you can know towards what end you would like to work.

If you are trying to work through some issues in your life, meditation and mindset are two very important things to keep in mind. Meditation can help you to connect with yourself on a whole new level, so that you can learn new things about yourself and figure out your true feelings.

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Rachel, the owner of Your Best, is a traveler, marketer, and lover of adventure. She started meditating a few years ago, while living in Brazil, and has REALLY enjoyed the benefits of meditation since then. With regular meditation, Rachel reports feeling more calm, at peace, relaxed… and having a greater sense of “knowing”. That being said, she doesn’t always remember to meditate… … and is working on practicing more often. She finds that guided meditations help a lot, though. It can be really difficult to get still yourself, so having someone point you in the direction you want to take is priceless. When not meditating, Rachel has several other passions. Her interests range from reading, traveling, belly dancing, psychology, yoga, Toastmasters, and everything in between.

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