The Different Types of Guided Meditation

A guided meditation is a meditation that is either done with an instructor, or with instructional information. A guided meditation will teach you how to meditate in groups or alone. There are many different forms to help guide you through a meditation, and you will need to find the kind that works the best for you.

Before you get started you have to decide what kind of mediation you want to do. Your meditation may center around religion, self advancement, or simply as a way for you to reduce stress. Meditation comes in many forms, and all of them have been found to be effective. Study up on the different types of meditation to find the kind that is best for you.

Discover the Best Types of Guided Meditation

Group or Individual Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is split into two different parts, group and individual. A group meditation is led by an instructor, which is the one who guides you. In individual meditation you can use any number of materials to guide you. The types you choose depend on your schedule and preference. If you are not able to make scheduled meditation sessions every day, group mediation is not for you. You must also decide whether you feel comfortable meditating with a group.

Group Guided Meditation
If you are studying in a group you will have your own personal instructor. The benefit to this is that you will have someone whom you can ask all of your own questions, and someone who can teach different methods. You may be participating in a group, or form your very own.

Individual Guided Meditation
When it comes to individual guided meditation, there are many different things you can do to find instruction. Sometimes it will be difficult to find information about the most obscure forms of meditation, but there is a lot to find on most types. If you want to a guide to individual meditation you can find it in several different places.

•    The internet
•    In books
•    On audio recordings
•    DVDs
•    Friends

These will all help teach you different methods and techniques on how to perform private mediation. It’s best if you search several different resources to gain the most knowledge about the type of mediation you want to study.
The information you find will be able to tell you correct postures, relaxing techniques, and tips to getting everything you can from your meditation. Guided meditation is best for beginners and people studying more difficult forms of mediation, although it can be used by anyone. If you have an instructor you will be able to learn all about the different types of meditation and how to use them. You may want to learn more about group guided meditations before you enroll in a class to make sure it is something that will work for you.

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A group guided meditation is when a bunch of people get together to perform their meditation and learn from their instructor. You can find these classes held in studios in many cities, so taking a quick look through your yellow pages should find you a few local classes.

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