Easy Prayer and Meditation Tips

Many people find that prayer and meditation brings them closer to God, especially when practiced on a daily basis. The problem is that many people can’t find the time to develop prayer and meditation into a daily habit. And then once people do find the time it can be difficult to know what to study and meditate on. If you find yourself in the same situation, try following these easy prayer and meditation tips.

Discover these Easy Prayer and Meditation Tips

Tip 1: Find a time and a place for prayer and meditation

The number one reasons people fail continue getting their daily prayer and meditation is because they haven’t found a time and a place that they can do it. This is extremely important. Try to find a time every day that you will be able to meditate. If you don’t have any extra time, consider getting up ten minutes earlier every day to make time. If you are really serious about your relationship with God you will make prayer and meditation a priority over everything else.

Tip 2: Form good prayer and meditation posture

The real reason many people should use good meditation posture is that it prevents you from going to sleep in such a relaxing atmosphere. This is especially true if you are trying to add prayer and meditation to a busy schedule and you are often tired. Good posture also helps you focus more clearly and promotes good blood circulation. You may want to add a stretching exercise to your prayer and meditation time to help you wake up and make the sitting time easier.

Tip 3: Decide on a course study

If you are trying to get a closer relationship with God from your prayer and meditation you may want to decide on getting some study help materials. Some people use their time to read through the Bible, but this is very difficult for some to fully comprehend on their own. Ask you pastor for some material to study everyday or purchase some study help materials from your local book store. These will help you stay attentive and make progress learning new things every day.

Tip 4: Find other meditation material

When it comes to meditation, there are many different things you can use. The ultimate goal is to spend time thinking about God and develop a closer relationship with him. This is why you may want to spend time reading your Bible or working on study materials. There are, however, many other resources that can help you develop your relationship with Him. For example, try purchasing a daily calendar that has quotes that you can study and think about every day.

Having dedication is the most important part to getting good prayer and meditation. If you are not truly dedicated to it, it is very likely that you will end up not carrying out your intentions. There are many other great tips out there if you find it difficult getting your meditation in everyday consistently.

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If you find it difficult getting your meditation everyday you can try writing a journal, keeping a calendar, or setting an alarm clock. These techniques will allow you to physically see your progress and keep you from forgetting or putting off your prayer and meditation time.

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