Meditation for Beginners: 3 Useful Tips to Help You Get Started Today

You have probably heard about the wonderful benefits that you can achieve through the practice of meditation, benefits such as decreased stress and anxiety levels, lower blood pressure, and an enhanced immune system. You might even have some people in your life who are avid meditation practitioners. If, however, you have never practiced it yourself before, then you might have some preconceived notions about it being too difficult or time-consuming, or you might have some other type of reservation about it. Meditation really is just too much of a life-enhancer to pass up though, so if you’d like to learn some helpful tips about meditation for beginners, then you have come to the right place.

Tip 1: When to meditate

You don’t need to meditate for hours on end in order to achieve results; 10-15 minutes a day is really all that you need. Think of it this way: if you have time to make yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, then you have time to meditate. Furthermore, meditation is a much more invigorating way to start your day than is drinking a cup of coffee; plus, meditation won’t stain your teeth ;)

However long you can spare in your busy day for meditation, just try to make it a daily habit and perform your meditation sessions around the same time each day. If you make meditation a set part of your daily routine and think of it as being as mandatory as brushing your teeth, then you will be less likely to forego it.

Tip 2: How to start

Find a location in your house or wherever you feel most comfortable that is free of distractions and external interruptions or noises. Try to meditate in the same spot each day so that your body and mind begin to associate it with meditation and immediately get into meditation mode whenever you are in that spot.

You also want to sit in a position that is most comfortable for you. Many people think they have to sit cross-legged in order to meditate, but this is not the case. You may sit or lay however you want, just be careful that you are not in a position where you are apt to fall asleep.

Tip 3: Your breathing

Another helpful tidbit with regard to meditation for beginners is that you want to direct all of your focus onto your breathing. It is generally recommended that you meditate with your eyes closed, especially if you are a beginner, and each time that you inhale and exhale, pay attention to your breath and the rise and fall of your stomach. If your thoughts start to wander, simply acknowledge the thoughts that lead you off course then get back on track by redirecting your thoughts to your breath.

If you are new meditation, try to keep it simple and don’t over-think it. Meditation for beginners does not have to be an overly complicated process. Don’t get too bogged down with whether or not you are meditating the right way because in all actuality so much of meditation is subjective and based on the individual. The bottom line is that you need to take action. If meditation is something you’d like to try, then don’t wait, just get started.

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Rachel, the owner of Your Best, is a traveler, marketer, and lover of adventure. She started meditating a few years ago, while living in Brazil, and has REALLY enjoyed the benefits of meditation since then. With regular meditation, Rachel reports feeling more calm, at peace, relaxed… and having a greater sense of “knowing”. That being said, she doesn’t always remember to meditate… … and is working on practicing more often. She finds that guided meditations help a lot, though. It can be really difficult to get still yourself, so having someone point you in the direction you want to take is priceless. When not meditating, Rachel has several other passions. Her interests range from reading, traveling, belly dancing, psychology, yoga, Toastmasters, and everything in between.

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  1. Sarah Michelle says:

    These are great tips! I always find it hard finding time in my busy schedule to meditate. But you’re right; if I can find time to brush my teeth, then I can find 10 minutes to meditate too :)

  2. Catherine Staffier says:

    Thanks for these great tips!

  3. jackie daniels says:

    I’m a total newbie so i will take all the help i can get. thanks for these tips!

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