Meditation and Your Subconscious Mind

I hadn’t heard from my subscriber, Randy, for a couple of weeks, but just the other day, he wrote in with this little pearl of meditation wisdom that I hope can help you in some way.


Meditation is a tool that calls upon your subconscious mind.

And your subconscious is the part of your mind that keeps your heart beating and allows you to breathe while you sleep. Also, the thoughts that occur in your subconscious mind are not thoughts that you are necessarily fully aware of. These thoughts can be repressed memories or ideas and emotions that are more hidden and less apparent than those that exist in your conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is light years beyond the mental skills inherent in our conscious minds.  And, yes, I’m sure you could have guessed that it is the subconscious mind that is being activated whilst we meditate.  So the simple act of thinking about our breathing with our conscious minds is a dual minded gift that we have been blessed with, because our subconscious minds are already focused on our breathing.

The act of tensing and relaxing our muscles is another good skill to employ whilst we meditate.  Think about how many muscles are tensing and then relaxing when we draw in a breath.  My point here is that the body is a wonderland, and when we focus on the little things inherent in our day-to-day lives, such as breathing and moving our muscles, we can relieve ourselves of “going without thought,” which is an enlightening experience.


What Randy has to say here calls to mind the importance of mindfulness meditation. It is so important that we learn how to live in the present moment as much as we can, relinquishing our regrets about the past and our worries about the future, because you will get so much more enjoyment out of your life if you can learn to appreciate the here and now as it stands before you.

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Rachel, the owner of Your Best, is a traveler, marketer, and lover of adventure. She started meditating a few years ago, while living in Brazil, and has REALLY enjoyed the benefits of meditation since then. With regular meditation, Rachel reports feeling more calm, at peace, relaxed… and having a greater sense of “knowing”. That being said, she doesn’t always remember to meditate… … and is working on practicing more often. She finds that guided meditations help a lot, though. It can be really difficult to get still yourself, so having someone point you in the direction you want to take is priceless. When not meditating, Rachel has several other passions. Her interests range from reading, traveling, belly dancing, psychology, yoga, Toastmasters, and everything in between.

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