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Have you ever yearned for the inner peace and serenity often depicted in the media as the result of a commitment to meditation?  Has that interest ever compelled you to take action or has the concept seemed elusive and have you found yourself confused by the different types of meditation?  While I have had interest, appreciation, and even admiration for those who have chosen meditation as a focal point in their lives, I’ve never pursued it as it seemed to lie outside of my cultural boundaries.

Of late however I have seen many acquaintances who are suffering from stress, and the typical Western medicine approach, which often means prescription medicine, has not been the answer for them.  My research into other options has led me back to meditation as a way to address these challenges by instigating a process of healing and change from within.  The problem is determining where to start as the choices seem overwhelming.

The various types of meditation all claim to be effective.

But the three that stood out for me all have scientific documentation to support their claims.

Heart Rhythm Meditation

This method held the most appeal for me as it retains the Eastern basis found in virtually all types of meditation, but it adds a scientific approach to the process that appeals to the skeptic in me.  Through controlled breathing the goal is to strengthen the physical, emotional and spiritual heart, resulting in a stronger, more capable and more compassionate you.  I like the fact that it can be practiced any time, anywhere, even in a time of crisis!  You can learn online and many communities are developing social groups around this approach.

Mindfulness Meditation

With origins in Buddhism, this is one type of meditation that most are familiar with.  It trains you to increase awareness, focus on the present and reduce the amount of nebulous and negative thoughts that are going through your brain at any given moment, allowing you to make better, more objective decisions.  Training can often be arranged for free through a meditation center, or many mental health professionals teach it as a part of their therapy.

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Transcendental Meditation

The Beatles!  With it’s foundation in the Vedic tradition of India, TM was rejuvenated by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1950′s and 1960′s, with the members of the Beatles being among his most famous followers.  In conjunction with your personal mantra you meditate twice a day to clear your mind and train your neurons to coordinate in a more efficient manner allowing you to make better decisions.  Training is typically done through a TM center and fees seem to average about $1500.

The types of meditation listed above have documented results ranging from lower blood pressure and enhanced immune response to positive changes in the way the brain functions.  They all seek to put you in a better place bothered by less mental clutter allowing you to make decisions from a place of strength and calm.  What are you waiting for?


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