Guided Meditations

Astral Projection:

Use this invigorating astral projection meditation to exercise your inner self and travel to worlds unexplored by man.

Astral projection is akin to having an out-of-body experience. You project your soul across the Earth or across the universe, allowing yourself to explore new places. This is done by anchoring your soul to your own body and then allowing it to roam free. This freedom may strengthen your soul, and thus bring you a new inner strength and confidence.

For some, it takes years to master the technique of astral projection and travel, but this meditation will help you beat the learning curve and become an expert in no time.

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Aura Viewing:

Use this energizing meditation to view your personal aura and fine-tune it in order to recharge your body and unblock your mind.

You aura is your inner energy field that helps determine your emotions, state of mind, and overall feeling of health. By viewing it and fixing it, you can increase your energy, release mental blocks, boost your self-awareness, and connect with your inner self.

Each person’s aura is unique, and its made up of colored energy that determines how you feel. The red portions of your aura are your physical energy and passion, the yellow portions represent happiness, and the blue areas represent your free thinking. Other colors hold other meanings, too, and once you’re aware of them, you can control your energy level.

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Career Advice:

Use this focusing meditation to discover your own desires and make wise decisions in regards to your career.

When choosing a new career path, the future can seem uncertain. There are many pros and cons to way and decisions to make, and the prospect of making a decision can be daunting. In fact, you may find yourself unfocused and uncertain.

This meditation is designed to help you focus your thoughts on your needs and desires so you can choose the best path for you. It removes the fear and confusion and allows your mind to sort through the facts so you can find your dream job without a fuss.

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Chakra Tuning:

Use this cleansing meditation to align and clear your chakras, thus restoring your vitality.

Chakras are the seven vortexes of energy in your body that stretch from your head to the base of your spine. They represent your crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacrum, and your root. These energy vortexes determine your vitality, and if you’re feeling down, they probably need realigned and cleansed. Focusing on your chakras helps fix these unwanted feelings and restores you to optimum health.

You can tune your chakras when you feel uncomfortable or upset, or prevent these feelings by tuning them when you are healthy. Keeping your energy centers pure will help you interact with everything around you.

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Use this entertaining meditation to boost your creativity or overcome writer’s block.

Your mind can become clogged with ideas. In this case, it’s hard to pull out any creative thoughts as they are all stuck in your head. This meditation is designed to fix that clog and allow your creative thoughts to move freely so that you can create without restriction.

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Decision Making:

Use this thoughtful meditation to help you focus your mind and remove the stress from the decision making process.

When making a decision, especially an important one, the mind can become frazzled. There are many options to choose from, many pros and cons to weigh, and it can overload this system. This meditation is designed to relax your body and mind so you can focus long enough to think through the decision making process in a thoughtful manner.

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Use this uplifting meditation if you are feeling depressed for any reason.

Depression is a serious problem. Your emotional state affects your actions and decisions, and depression can make it hard to want to do anything. Sadness overrides other, happier feelings and can ruin your day. This meditation will help you focus on the positive events in your life and banish the source of your depression. You’ll be able to boost your energy and improve your mood. You may feel that you are stuck in depression, but this meditation can set you free.

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Use this invigorating meditation to increase your energy level and prepare yourself to take on the day.

There are many causes for low energy. It could be lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, or something medical. However, there are ways to use your mind and boost your energy level. This meditation will use those methods to focus your energy when you need it most. You’ll renew your body and spirit and have the energy to complete all of the tasks in your day by the time this meditation is done.

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Use this mind-boosting meditation if you want to increase your powers of ESP.

ESP is your extrasensory perception, or sixth sense. If you get a tingling on the back of your neck or an inherent sense that something is going to happen, this is ESP. Some people are more finely tuned into their sixth sense than others. This meditation boosts your awareness and unlocks your ESP powers so that you can have a better handle on the events happening in your life.

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Flying (Fear Of):

Use this meditation if you have a fear of flying that makes you uncomfortable on planes or unable to board them.

Fear of flying is common in humans, but it is a fear that can be overcome. This meditation will help you focus on the source of your fear and beat it. You will be able to think positively about flying and find techniques to calm your anxiety. It will renew your confidence and assure you of safe travel so that you can board a plane without discomfort.

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Use this reviving meditation to restore your feelings of health and well-being.

Health depends on many factors, but one of the most important ones is your state of mind. You mind controls your emotions and how your body functions, so focusing it and increasing your mental state of health will improve how your body feels. This meditation is designed to prepare your brain to increase your energy, improve your immune system and make your body feel recharged all over.

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Hypnosis for Stress:

Use this calming meditation to remove stress and relax your body.

Stress can bring a body down. It can cause muscles to tense, energy to fade, and your mood to be sour. Meditating over stress can help you eliminate it from your body and replace it with positive feelings of youth and vigor. This meditation is designed to hypnotize your body into expelling all of your pent up tension so that you can relax stress-free.

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Use this loving meditation to increase your feeling of intimacy toward those you love.

Intimacy refers to the close relationships you have. It is a feeling of attachment you have towards your friends and family, towards all of your loved ones. It helps you to express your feelings to others, listen to their feelings in return, and trust one another. This meditation is designed to banish any trepidations you have toward intimacy and help you embrace it.

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Use this spiritual meditation to get in touch with your inner energy system and feel connected with the heaven and earth.

Kundalini is the partner of your chakras, and is an energy that runs up and down your spine. By awakening your kundalini power, you awaken your inner knowledge of yourself and others. This energy stretches between the heavens and earth and keeps you grounded yet connected to your higher self, or your spirit. Through meditation and focus on your kundalini, you can be in touch with your chakras, or energy vortexes, and thus master your own personal energy.

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Use this relaxing meditation to remove feelings of loneliness and solitude and prepare you to handle relationships with others.

Loneliness is a horrible thing to feel. It rips you of your connections to others and makes you feel isolated from your loved ones. This meditation will help you focus on your feelings of loneliness and expel them from your body, replacing them with an awareness of your friends and family and their companionship.

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Lucid Dreaming:

Use this dream-enhancing meditation to boost your dream powers and control where your mind wanders while you sleep.

In dreaming, we often receive messages about the world or about ourselves. This is why so many experts are dedicated to dream analysis. With the power to lucid dream, you become aware of your own dreams and can start to control them, to alter the outcome of your fantasies. Thus, you become aware of the messages your mind is sending you in sleep while gaining control over the outcome. This meditation will help you learn this control in no time.

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Use this empowering meditation to bring your desires to you.

Manifestation, also known as the Law of Attraction, dictates that both your mind and your actions determine which of your dreams and desires you attain in life. By focusing your mind on the greatest of your desires and willing them to you, you increase your chance of those wishes coming true. This principle relies on your mental ability to know what you want, to ask the universe for it, and to visualize your dreams coming true. This meditation will help you focus your efforts so you can achieve more of your dreams.

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Memory Enhancer:

Use this mind-enhancing meditation to boost your memory and help you recall things in detail.

The memory is a curious thing. In some people, it seems flawless, while in others it seems flawed. If you feel that your memory could use some help, then you may benefit from meditation. Meditation accesses your brain and helps you fine-tune the memory process, allowing you to recall facts in detail and remember events clearly.

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Use this mindful meditation to improve your awareness of your body, feelings, consciousness, and unconsciousness.

Mindfulness means awareness of one’s self. By increasing your awareness of your feelings and needs, both physical and mental, you can increase your inner peace.

You can focus on thoughts about your past, present, and future. Listening to your inner thoughts and meeting your conscious and unconscious needs can improve your quality of life and turn your dreams into reality.

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Money Worries:

Use this meditation if you are concerned about your money or anxious over your financial situation.

Money is important to everyday life; without it, humans can’t function. However, earning it can be stressful, especially in rough economic times. Money worries can cause anxiety and fear. Meditation can help eliminate these negative feelings and replace that despair with positive thoughts.

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Use this motivational meditation to improve your drive to succeed and your energy to work.

Motivation is what drives us to complete our goals. Without motivation, it’s hard to put dedicated work and time toward a project. This meditation is designed to help you focus on your goals and experience unending motivation to complete them.

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Natural Beauty:

Use this meditation to enhance your perception of beauty in its most natural state.

Every person is naturally beautiful, but some find that hard to recognize. Some also fail to find the beauty in nature or in those around them. Beauty is a state of mind as much as it is a physical appearance, so to appreciate beauty you have to alter the way you think. This meditation is designed to help you see the beauty in everything around you and to allow you to be grateful and appreciative of it.

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Past Life Regression:

Use this powerful meditation to travel into your past and see where you’ve come from.

Past life regression is a technique in which you travel into your past and recover memories from another life. This process can be both enlightening and spiritual, and for this reason it is enjoyable for most of its practitioners. Reliving old memories can tell you a lot about yourself, so it is also enlightening.

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Use this calming meditation to experience inner peace and spread feelings of peace to those you love.

Inner peace is a wonderful feeling that all people should experience. It helps you to be calm and at-ease. It helps you manage anger and sadness. This meditation helps you achieve inner peace and helps you focus on spreading that feeling around. You can focus your energies on your emotions and achieve ultimate relaxation.

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Positivity Thinking:

Use this upbeat meditation to remove negative thoughts from your mind and replace them with positive ones.

Positive thinking can boost a mood, improve health, and even help you achieve goals. It prevents you from getting upset due to negative thoughts. Thinking on the bright side brings feelings of happiness, security, and peace. This meditation helps you focus on those feelings and eliminate negative thoughts that are weighing on your mind. It will help you instantly feel better about yourself.

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Use this relaxing meditation to focus on success and improve your prosperity.

Prosperity doesn’t have to reflect wealth, though it can. Prosperity comes in many different forms. Whether it’s your health, happiness, or success in achieving goals, prosperity is important to people. A thriving life style can inspire positive thoughts and uplifting moods. This meditation will help you focus on your own prosperity and boost your spirits.

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Use this mind boosting meditation to focus on your inner wisdom and enhance your natural psychic abilities.

Every human being has some psychic abilities. We read people’s emotions and sometimes have a sixth sense. These psychic powers are locked deep within the mind. This meditation helps you to focus internally and unlock your inner powers so that you can approach life with intuitive insight.

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Quit Smoking:

Use this empowering meditation to overcome urges and finally quit smoking once and for all.

Quitting a bad habit is a difficult thing to do, especially when the habit is addicting. It’s a battle to give up smoking. You have to resist cravings and peer pressure, which is difficult since smoking has become a normal part of life. This meditation is designed to help you control cravings and gain the mental strength necessary to stick on the healthy path. In no time, you’ll be able to say no to cigarettes.

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Use this peaceful meditation to deal with feelings of regret and loss.

Everyone does something they regret at least once in his or her lifetime. Dealing with these feelings is important, though. Regret can make you sad or angry, and these negative feelings can bring you down. This meditation is designed to help you face your feelings of regret and prevent them from damaging you.

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Relationship Help:

Use this guided meditation to help you gain the patience and understanding needed to help any relationship through hard times.

Relationships are difficult and complex. As such, they can be frustrating and, at times, seem impossible. This meditation is designed to help you gain the patience and understanding you need to listen to your partner’s thoughts and feelings. You will be able to resolve arguments and improve your intimacy with this meditation.

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Use this relaxing meditation to eliminate stress, tension, and anxiety from your body.

During rough times, everyone gets stressed. The key to handling stress is learning to relax. This meditation will guide you through the steps of eliminating tension and stress and allowing peace and calmness envelope your body.

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Self Confidence:

Use this empowering meditation to boost your feelings of self-confidence.

Many people have an issue with their confidence. No matter the cause of your self-doubts, there is a way to overcome them. This meditation helps you focus on all of your good qualities and helps you see yourself in a better light.

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Sexual Intimacy:

Use this sensual meditation to boost the sexual intimacy between you and your partner.

Sexual intimacy can be hard to achieve. You have to feel comfortable with your own body and that of your partner. This means you have to overcome shyness, self-doubt, and learn to be close both physically and emotionally to your partner. This meditation is designed to tackle any apprehension you have toward sexual intimacy so you can enjoy a better personal life.

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Use this relaxing meditation to overcome troubles with sleeping.

Your body needs adequate amounts of sleep to restore its health. If you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night, that’s something you want to fix. This meditation helps you relax and reach a state of deep sleep so your body can rejuvenate.

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Spirit Guide:

Use this enlightening meditation to find your spirit guide.

A spirit guide acts as a counselor. It can help you make decisions and plan your life. This meditation helps you find your spirit guide through visualization and focus. You can communicate with your guide through a process similar to lucid dreaming or projection to the astral plane.

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Use this mind boosting meditation to focus on your ability to read and transmit thoughts and enhance your natural capacity for telepathic powers.

The transference of thoughts, feelings, and emotions from one person to another is something that all humans are capable of. But our telepathic powers are locked away deep inside of us. This meditation can help you to access a relatively unused portion of your brain so you can develop your telepathic abilities and learn how to communicate using only your mind.

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Waking Up Happy:

Use this pleasurable meditation to wake up happy in the morning.

Not everyone is a morning person. You may wake up feeling stressed, still tired, or apprehensive toward the day. This meditation is designed to eliminate those thoughts and help you wake up refreshed and prepared to take on the day.

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Weight Loss:

Use this strengthening meditation to focus on your weight loss goals and actually get in shape.

Losing weight is a lengthy and daunting process. Temptation is everywhere, and in this day and age, it’s hard to find the time to work out. This meditation is designed to help you focus on your goals and make them an important part of your life. By visualizing your weight loss, you will gain determination to stick with your plan and keep the weight off for good.

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